Chris Barr is available on Thursday.
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Chris Barr is a graduate student in the Department of Media Studies at the University at Buffalo.


Chris will perform the actions and events scheduled for him by the users of this web site.


In and around Buffalo, NY.


Every Thursday for the months of March and April.


This project will be a stepping stone to investigate issues of authorship and collaboration, body and self as commodity, and artist as social organizer.

Are there any rules?

Only some basic ones.
1. The actions can not be of significant financial cost to the artist. (i.e. - if you would like Chris to dress in a clown suit, you must provide a clown suit.)
2. The artist will not participate in highly illegal activities.
3. The artist can not be put in any extreme physical danger.

Will there be any documentation?

The artist will not be documenting these events, however the public is highly encouraged to document the work. Images and testimonials can be emailed to chris (at)

How can I contact Chris?

Email chris (at)

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